MacroAir Fans

According to OSHA, the ideal workplace temperature ranges from 68 degrees F to 76 degrees F, which makes MacroAir fans ideal for keeping your employees as cool as a cucumber.

By delivering large volumes of evenly distributed airflow through gentle, near silent air movements, Macro Air fans help promote productivity at a minimal cost. For only about a dollar a day to run, these HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) fans can decrease the perceived temperature by as much as 8 degrees F.

There are a lot of companies that promote “big fans” but Toyota Material Handling South is proud to partner with MacroAir fans because they:

  • Have only two moving parts
  • Are lighter and quieter than any other fan on the market
  • Include 50,000‐hour warranty
  • Supplement existing HVAC equipment which can help lower cooling cost up to 30% and heating cost up to 20%

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